The Inner Circle

One Year course

A completely unique way of learning.  A small group of like-minded peers, working together on some of the most challenging photo-assignments we’ve ever set.  Hosted and taught by industry professional Kevin Ahronson.

Six photographers, one teacher, no compromises

"For budding photographers, this has to be the most intense and deeply in-depth, highly personalised and profoundly challenging learning experience you’ll ever come across!"

The INNER CIRCLE is a truly exceptional way to learn photography, unlike any other.

Working in a small group with just five other photographers, you will meet up every month with Kevin Ahronson to analyse your work and engage in projects that are both challenging and unique.

You will be required to push and stretch your personal photographic comfort zone, to grow your camera skills through trial, testing and accountability to each other. 

Twice a month you will go out in pairs to complete photo-assignments, both in the role of photographer, and also as the assistant.  Everyone's assignment will be unique to them and you will experience a wide range of subjects and genres.  

Expect your growth as a photographer to be exponential. 

Who is this workshop for?

This one-year INNER CIRCLE group attracts photographers who already know the basics; who are familiar with aperture, shutter speed & ISO.  They have some knowledge of working with flash and they are not afraid to try new subjects and new techniques. 

By immersing yourself in INNER CIRCLE photography, not just within the monthly round-table discussions, but also via the assignments and the social interactions with other students on the course, you will grow into a more confident and capable photographer.

What sets this apart from other ‘courses’

INNER CIRCLE requires not just an eagerness to learn and grow beyond the ordinary, it also requires discipline and utter reliability.  Others in the group will be dependent on you (and you on them), you will all work together as teams, accountable to each other.

Photography can be a lonely hobby - but that does not apply in INNER CIRCLE

Six photographers, 12 assignments, no egos

Which best describes you?

Completed Masterclass?

This is the ideal next step for someone who has completed our one-year Masterclass course

Want to Improve?

You have some technical skill, but you’re hungry for more, hungry to step beyond the mediocre

Seeking Creative Inspiration

You’re looking to rekindle your hobby with fresh inspiration and new creative challenges.

Looking for a gift?

You want to buy a unique and very special gift for someone you love

What kind of Camera do you need?

You will need a digital camera with interchangeable lenses like a DSLR or one of the new ‘Mirrorless’ technology cameras. 

Suitable for owners of Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, Pentax and Leica cameras.

In addition

During the course of the year expect to need a portable flash and the means to fire it remotely. Certain prime lenses will also aid your assignment work, as will a sturdy tripod and filters.  For editing, we recommend Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop. 
You will have free access to our studio, the Bowens lights, soft boxes, beauty dish, etc. for any assignment work.

Advice will be given.

The Investment

(This is just a posh way of saying - the price)

INNER CIRCLE was never going to be our cheapest course, but it is possibly our most exciting. 

INNER CIRCLE falls somewhere between the Masterclass and full-on private tutoring, and so does the cost.

It’s has neither the dynamics of a full-size class of students and obviously it doesn’t have that unique access to Kevin that private 1-1 sessions have… but it does have some of the advantages of both. 

And the investment for students is somewhere in between too. 

£2200 for the year*

*  Which can be spread over the year - Interest-Free.  £700 initial deposit followed by 10 monthly instalments of £150.  Total cost £2200.

If you think this could be for you…

Everyone who applies for INNER CIRCLE is invited to an initial consultation.  This is with Kevin and is usually face-to-face.

We use this meeting to get to know you… to ensure that it is the right course for you.

First step

Get in contact.  Drop us an email to:

or call the office: 01252 613265

Kevin Ahronson - HSP Founder

You will be learning from industry professional Kevin Ahronson and you can expect instruction at the very highest level.

Kevin, who founded the HSP, is one of the best photography teachers in the UK and has personally taught hundreds of students from beginners through to those who want to go professional.

With over 50 years of experience behind the camera and having been teaching photography since 2009, Kevin’s passion these days is to share that knowledge with the next generation of photographers.

Course Instructor