A Photographer's Evening with Kevin Ahronson

A Photographer's Evening

With Kevin Ahronson

Each year, Kevin Ahronson (founder of Hampshire School of Photography) holds a small number of face-to-face meetings with local photographers he has never met before, to talk about a range of photography topics, provide helpful advice, and offer great networking opportunities. 

The evenings are for photographers who are still in the earlier stages of their photography journey.  They should not previously have attended any of our workshops, or be known to us via any other type of HSP event.

Professional photographers & semi-professional photographers are not invited.

The meetings (7:30 pm - 10:00 pm) offer an exceptional opportunity for photographers to gain valuable insights and receive free advice from one of the UK's top photography tutors.

Photographer's Evening with Hampshire School of Photography

What the evening offers

Tap into Kevin

With Kevin's extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry, he can offer guidance on a wide range of topics, including lighting, composition, macro, photographing people, landscapes, wildlife and post-processing.

Free Photo Advice

Participants are encouraged to submit two photos for discussion. One image they’re proud of and one they are disappointed with (this is not obligatory, but everyone gets so much out of the image analysis).

Your Photo-Journey

During the session, participants will be able to discuss their photography progress and the highs & lows of their photography journeys. Sharing these experiences with others is immensely encouraging.


Growing a strong and supportive Hampshire-based photography community is our ultimate aim.  

The strength of the community will become more obvious as we develop, and we foresee exclusive training opportunities and other benefits in the not-too-distant future.

We are all on a Journey

The journey of a photographer  is a unique and personal one, influenced by many factors such as individual creativity, life experiences, passion for art, and technical knowledge. 

For some, it starts as a casual interest, an appreciation for the beauty of a moment or a landscape captured on camera.  For others, it's a conscious decision to explore photography as an art form, a creative outlet or perhaps a medium for storytelling.

The photographer’s journey can be challenging, filled with highs and lows, moments of inspiration and times of self-doubt.  And whilst many photographers embark on a journey to find their own niche and even their own style, it is a continuous process of learning and growth.  
We never stop learning.

At the beginning of the journey, the photographer may struggle to find a successful way forward.  He (or she) will doubtless explore new ideas and new genres.  He might start out as a landscape photographer, only to later find passion in photographing people.

There is a genre somewhere that is the perfect match for everyone.  What does YOUR journey look like? 

For most of us, the journey resembles the graph below as we lurch from one photo experience to another.  Some good, some bad.

Where Next?

The core take from the evening will be an examination of our own work and a look at the paths that lie ahead of us.  Where have we been, where are we going, etc, etc?  

What can we do as individuals and perhaps as a community to develop and grow our skills?  

Let's face it, ultimately, most of us want to do a better job, capture better images, take less rubbish and grow in confidence to pick up our cameras and take that fantastic photograph without even thinking about what button to press.

For most photographers, photography will always be a hobby, a source of enjoyment and a pastime to relax with.  For a few though, it could be a source of income.  The lure of going professional lurks inside many.

And of course, if you are feeling the call to 'go pro', what better than to ask an existing pro the questions that are burning on your lips?

Having taught hundreds of photographers and with feedback from hundreds more who have taken part in our online Photography Assessment Tool, we know what most struggle with:

Creativity and confidence  
It's no surprise when questions come up about these two key struggles.  
Here's a snapshot of what we believe summarises the path we all find ourselves on...

Creative Photography

Want to know more?

If you would like to attend one of Kevin's Photographer's Evenings, we would love to invite you.

Who Can Attend?

These meetings are only for new photographers, those who have never been to, or are currently booked on, one of our workshops.  We don't need to meet with photographers we already know - this is for photographers we have never met before.
Neither are these meetings for professional photographers or semi-pros.  They are for amateurs and hobbyists only.

All meetings are held at a local hotel in Fleet, rather than our training centre.

The intimate atmosphere at the Holiday Inn Express has been designed for business visitors and their meeting room is ideally suited for our small gatherings.  

Outside the room is the main hotel reception area, perfect for pre-meeting coffees and networking.

As you would expect, the meeting room (see photo below) is fully equipped with large screen TV, USB & power sockets in the meeting table and we have access to the hotel’s wifi.

Coffee on arrival.

How to book your place

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How To Book

Registering for A Photographer's Evening couldn't be simpler.

Click here...  It will take you to our private Eventbrite registration page.  Pick a date and follow the instructions.

Your Contact Details
We will need contact details from you, including email and mobile phone number.  You must provide both of these, in order for us to send you reminders.  Without them, we can't accept your booking.

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Free Photo Analysis

You are encouraged to submit up to a maximum of two of your own photographs (not compulsory)

1 x photo you're really pleased with
1 x photos that you're disappointed with

Each image will be reviewed, and friendly, constructive feedback and advice will be given.

Everyone who attends will be sent a link to upload their photos to. Please do not email them.

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As numbers are limited to just 8 invitees, if anyone doesn't show up, it can have a dramatic effect on the evening.  However, we realise that sometimes life doesn't go according to plan and cancelling is unavoidable.  

If you think you can't make it, please let us know immediately (click here).  We may be able to offer your place to someone else.