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The Hampshire School of Photography, located in Fleet, Hampshire near the borders of Berkshire and Surrey, offers a comprehensive photography education for photographers of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced amateur looking to go professional, our curriculum has something for everyone.

Our courses, workshops, and year-long Masterclasses are designed to provide a strong foundation in photography theory, portrait and landscape photography, flash photography, macro photography, and editing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Led by founder Kevin Ahronson, HSP also offers private mentoring to a small number of people each year, allowing you to receive personalized guidance and support as you pursue your passion for photography. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your skills and unleash your creative potential."

So you have a camera?

Doubtless, you spent hundreds of pounds on your camera. It’s not only an amazing piece of technology, it’s a creative tool that you need to understand to get the most out of it.

The Photographers' Journey

New photographers embark on a journey. A journey with loads of technical stuff to learn on one hand, and loads of creative stuff on the other. The learning process can be a bit daunting on your own… and that’s where we come in.

We make it easy and we make it fun.

The photographer’s journey is fairly predictable. It can be full of frustrations and many photographers give up before reaching any of its worthwhile destinations.

Watch the video below to see if any parts of the journey are familiar to you.

We will help you bring together the technical and the creative elements

3 Essential words…

Three words form the backbone to our photography teaching philosophy.

We believe they are the building blocks that underpin every photographer’s journey. The three words are:

Camera | Control | Create


First you have to understand and master your camera. You have to know and understand how it works and it should become so familiar, that it effectively becomes just like part of your body.

Using it must be second nature. You certainly don’t want to miss shots because you’re too busy trying to remember which button does what.


Then you need to know how to take control. So often when you’re taking photos you’ll come across situations where you’re battling against difficult light. Knowing how to react and work with light is essential. Light (and shadow) should be your allies, don’t let them ruin your photos because you don’t know how to control them.

A secondary area of control, and one that many photographers fail in, is that of getting your subject properly in focus.

In many ways, good focus is more important that the correct exposure. If a picture is too bright or too dark, you may be able to correct it in editing. But if the subject is out of focus, there is NOTHING you can do.


The third and final element is CREATE.

This is about your creative skills as a photographer, its about you seeing with photographer’s eyes, its about composition.

Having all the equipment and being a technical genius is great for getting technically perfect images. But if you want those images to look amazing, you must develop your ability to think and compose creatively.

Camera, Control & Create are just three words, but they are also our mantra for success as a photographer.

Speed of Learning…

The quickest way to improve your photography, whether you just want to capture the kids at play or the sea at sunrise, is not from online tutorials.

Learning in a group, in a classroom, in the studio or outdoors on location, learning with a qualified instructor with practical activity and assignments… this is the way to master your craft.

Speed alone is not enough

Speed on its own does not guarantee your skills with a camera. Repetition and community play a crucial part too. We recognise that challenging photo assignments are key. Having assignments mean you are regularly being stretched. The pace of your learning will not only increase as a result, but your confidence will grow too. And with confidence comes creativity.

You will make friends at HSP who share similar goals and struggles. For so many students the friendship has become long-term and returning for more training often feels like an old friends’ reunion.

The HSP community

Kevin Ahronson - HSP Founder

You will be learning from industry professional Kevin Ahronson and you can expect instruction at the very highest level.

Kevin, who founded the HSP, is one of the best photography teachers in the UK and has personally taught hundreds of students from beginners through to those who want to go professional.

With over 50 years experience behind the camera, Kevin’s passion these days is to share that knowledge with the next generation of photographers.

Read below what students say about Kevin

Student feedback…

My Step Dad and I completed a one year mentoring course with Kevin and I could not recommend him enough!

We both learnt so much and feel we have grown into proper photographers rather than people that just own a decent camera and takes snaps. We had lots of fun along the way, Kevin is a great teacher and photographer!

Had the Introduction to Photography one day course as a birthday present.

It doesn't take very long to realise Kevin is a professional with pedigree. He has a great style and after this course, I now understand what my camera can do for me!! Highly recommended.

Kevin is a fantastic tutor, explaining techniques in an easy to understand way. Setting tasks and homework outside your comfort zone, pushing you to explore new ideas for yourself.

Always provides positive feedback and encouragement.

I’ve just finished the HSP Masterclass year long course and it has helped me to become a better, more visually aware and technically competent photographer.

Kevin Ahronson is a professional photographer and an excellent communicator. Above all he is an infectious enthusiast and it is this quality which drives him and gives the classes their unique appeal and quality.

I have recently completed a year mentoring with Kevin.

I have loved every minute of my time sitting in his comfortable teaching studio, being out on practical lessons and even helping Kevin on a location shoot.

Having studied with various photography schools over the years, Hampshire School of Photography was by far the best fit for me. Kevin is patient, professional, kind and understanding.

I live in Hampshire and was looking for a photography course near me. A quick search on Google and up popped the Hampshire School of Photography. I have learnt so much over the last two years.

Worth every penny

Hampshire School of Photography


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