Introduction To Photography

One Day Workshop

We run this one-day workshop (10am - 4pm) a number of times throughout the year.

It is massively popular among beginners and those who may have owned a camera for a while, but have not had the opportunity to fully explore its potential.

In many ways, it is the perfect introduction to the hobby, tackling some of the most commonly confusing elements and explaining them in a systematic, visual and highly accessible way.

The most common feedback we get from this workshop is the brilliant simplicity of the presentation. 

About this workshop

The Introduction To Photography workshop will teach you the fundamental building blocks of using your camera; from an overview of digital photography to understanding the function and side effects of adjusting the aperture, shutter speed and ISO (also known as the Exposure Triangle). 

The workshop will help you get out of shooting in AUTO mode and you’ll learn how to avoid many of the common mistakes that new photographers make.


The day’s itinerary includes

    • Digital photography - explaining the terminology
    • The Aperture, depth of field and bokeh
    • Shutter Speed, minimum handheld shutter speeds
    • Understanding ISO, a simple explanation
    • Putting it all together: Exploring real-world examples
    • Why do some of your pictures come out too dark?
    • Why are some pictures so blurry?
    • PLUS loads of other nuggets of information


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Who is this workshop for?

This one-day photography workshop is for complete beginners and those returning after a break.  It will equip you with the knowledge you need to move from simply being a camera-owner… to becoming a real photographer. 

Which best describes you?

New to Photography?

You recently bought a camera and the controls look daunting.

New to Photography?

You’re disappointed with your photos and you’re looking for answers

You’re a bit Rusty

You’re returning to photography after a long break and you need fresh stimulus

Looking for a gift?

You want to buy a unique and very special gift for someone you love



Choose a date

What kind of Camera do you need?

Almost any camera is suitable, but it probably favours those with interchangeable lenses like DSLR cameras or the new ‘Mirrorless’ technology cameras.

Suitable for owners of Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and Pentax cameras.

If you own a ‘bridge camera’, where the lens is not removable, but you have a long, built-in zoom, you will also find most of the workshop extremely helpful (approx 85%)

Course Instructor

Kevin Ahronson - HSP Founder

You will be learning from industry professional Kevin Ahronson and you can expect instruction at the very highest level.

Kevin, who founded the HSP, is one of the best photography teachers in the UK and has personally taught hundreds of students from beginners through to those who want to go professional.

With over 50 years of experience behind the camera and having been teaching photography since 2009, Kevin’s passion these days is to share that knowledge with the next generation of photographers.