How to Photograph People

June 5, 2018

There is no doubt in my mind, that photographing people is a challenge for a lot of photographers.


I teach a lot of people through photography workshops and private tuition, and one constant seems to remain, whether the student is 22 or 72, capturing another person on camera is stressful.  


And if it's not stressful, the results are often unsatisfactory.  And when you do get a good shot, it's more by luck than by judgement.  If only you could repeat the shot again, if only you knew how you got it in the first place.  


What was it you did?



Typical comments include:


  • How can I take a photo of someone who hates having their photo taken?

  • How do I get those lovely blurred-out backgrounds?

  • Why are the people in my pictures out of focus?

  • I always seem to get people blinking in my photos

  • Some people can be so miserable-looking.  How do I get them to relax and lighten up?

  • How do I use flash when I photographing people?

  • What's the best way to use natural light?

  • I'm terrified of pointing my camera at somone I don't know


Unlike landscape photography, which is perceived as an easy option for most photographers, people photography is perceived as difficult.  But it needn't be.  I've been photographing people, mostly candidly, since the age of 14.  


49 years later and I'm still doing it (and loving it).


Over the years I have shot thousands of people, both candid and posed, in studio and on location, using flash and using natural light - and of course I have worked with individuals and groups.   I have shot weddings, families, children, corporate headshots, entire company  boards and live performers on stage.  (Don't think I've left anyone out).



So with this all in mind, I am running an all-day workshop to pass on my huge wealth of experience to the next generation of photographers.  If you would like to tap into my brain for a day and improve your people-photographing skills, this is your chance.  


We'll be looking at everything from using the right gear, to working with light (both natural and flash), how to photograph individuals, groups, how to shoot candid and how to blur out your backgrounds.


The workshop is on 24th June (2018) and for the second year running, it is held at the beautiful Elstead Mil (near Guildford in Surrey).

I will be joined by make-up and hair specialist Catherine Edwards, who will be sharing her expertise to help you improve your images.



Finally, there will be an opportunity to photograph real models - to practice and hone your skills


Around mid-day we will break for lunch​


For more info and to book your place, click here 


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