Master Photographer's Apprentice

November 21, 2017


The Master Photographer's Apprentice is a new 
top-of-the-range course launching in 2018.  

It is designed for the most serious of photographers, wanting to take their knowledge to either ‘pro’ or advanced amateur level.  

It will run on a one-to-one mentoring format, students meeting with me once a fortnight.

Sessions would have to be daytime during the week, which I realise will not be possible for everyone. There would be regular photo-assignments and the students (max of three for the year) would be expected to attend photoshoots with me to assist and learn.

The syllabus will include all the basic principles of digital photography, include lighting, flash, studio, portraits, candid, street photography, landscape, wildlife,  macro, shooting weddings, presenting your images on-line - as well as digital editing.

It is my personal desire to pass on as much of my knowledge as possible to the next generation.

Unlike most college courses, which tend to be rather esoteric and arty, this will be more practical, designed for a photographer who wants to succeed in the real world.  Obviously a course of this depth comes at a high price, £1500. There will be an easy payment option for those who need it. 

Students would be expected to have either a DSLR or CSC (mirrorless camera) with lenses equivalent to 50mm (on a full frame camera) as well at something suitable for portraits and landscape. Students will also need to invest in flash and editing software.



Register your interest:  CLICK HERE to send us an email



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