Learn Photo Editing in 4 Weeks

September 15, 2017


There are a lot of photos on Facebook, a lot of photos on LinkedIn. We all, seemingly, take a bucket load of photos all the time. The world, our holidays, our family, kids and loved ones have never been captured so much by so many of us so frequently - EVER.


Most of us love taking photos and many take the plunge to upgrade our smartphone cameras to buy 'real' cameras, whether they be DSLRs or the new boy on the block, the new mirrorless cameras, also referred to a CSCs (Compact System Cameras).


They have the potential to become tremendously creative tools and I regularly find myself teaching so many people who are genuinely new to 'proper' photography and who want to learn how to get the best out of their cameras.


There comes a point though when they start asking about editing their images. Often they see my photos on the wall of my office and ask how I achieved a particular effect, sometimes they will have seen photos on the internet, or in photography Facebook group they've joined.


Most photographers (not all) are likely to be using two editing tools (produced by the software giant Adobe), Lightroom and Photoshop. These two pieces of software have become very much the industry standard.


In recent years they have also become very affordable too, and for around £10/month everyone can have the latest full versions of both, automatically upgraded whenever a new update comes out.


You can still buy old copies of Lightroom 6 (above) for around £100, but it doesn't have some of the newer, sexier features that are found on the latest Creative Cloud versions. Creative Cloud is the Adobe name for the software they produce that's rentable rather then buyable.


One of the most common comments I get from students is that the software is so complicated, they don't know where to start and they don't know which piece of software they should use for which part of their editing workflow.


I've been training photographers on both Photoshop and Lightroom for a number of years, usually on a 1:1 basis. Once a year though, I run a four week group introduction to editing photos with these products. The next one starts in a few weeks time and I am looking forward to demonstrating them to a brand new group.


Photoshop is a massive tool, used not only by photographers, but also by web-designers, graphic designers, artists and illustrators. Many of the tools meant for artists are not used by photographers and many of the tools used by photographers are not used by artists.


So my workshop concentrates on the tools photographers mostly use - and how to apply them in real-world situations


I try to keep my workshop prices low, to make it easier for people to explore the software without too much financial risk. Four Monday evenings, with each session lasting one and a half hours for a total of £85. It's a good investment.


The photos below show a before and after - edited in both Lightroom and Photoshop.


If you would like to know more about my forthcoming workshop or possibly some private tuition, visit my website www.hampshirephotoschool.com or call my office in Fleet, Hampshire during office hours: 01252 643143 (not open on Sundays or Mondays)


For specific information about the October 2017 workshop, click here



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