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September 4, 2017

It's amazing how time flies


I've been teaching photography in one form or another for around ten years and next week (11th September) my most popular workshop, Take Amazing Photos kicks off again.

Photography is one of those art forms that is easily accessible to most people. Whilst nearly everyone has a camera built into their smartphone, it seems that once they upgrade to a DSLR (or one of the newer mirrorless cameras) the creative juices really start to flow.


The problem for most people though, is that they don't really understand much about the technical side of photography and snap away with their cameras set to AUTO.  

Now don't get me wrong, it is perfectly easy to take an outstanding image in AUTO, but it's more by luck than judgement and if you find yourself in situations where AUTO can't cope, what do you do?

The two most common problems I hear from students on my photography courses are that their photos are either too dark or they are blurry, out of focus.   I get this all the time from camera owners who shoot in AUTO.  

AUTO does have its limitations.

So this where Take Amazing Photos comes in.  


It was designed specifically to introduce newcomers to photography - to the basic skills needed to take creative control of their cameras.   

The vast majority of people who attend have really nice cameras, many of which would have cost a lot of money... but they just don't know how to use them to their full potential.

Most of them when asked, don't even know what camera they've got or what lens is on it.


And why should they?  


Take Amazing Photos has been the starting point for a great many photographer in Fleet over the last few years.  The word is spreading beyond Fleet though, and if you live in Hampshire, Berkshire or Surrey, and want to learn more about the camera you own and how to take amazing photos with it, you should seriously consider this easy introduction running over four Monday evenings. 

Each week builds on the previous.  So on the first night we look at some of the basics of digital photography and some of the key foundations to understanding how exposure works.

The second week deals with the common mistakes that people make and how to remedy them.

The final two weeks look at how to best photograph landscapes and people.  There are photo assignments in between and your photos will be assessed at the beginning of each meeting.  


And all this for just £85!

There are still a couple of places available at the time of writing this, and if you would like more information, click here

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