Street Photography in Winchester

July 15, 2017

Zoe is one of my Six-Month Intensive students with a real passion for photographing people.

Earlier today we met up in Winchester for two hours of street photography, with specific interest on documenting people going about their lives.  Photography lessons like this are immensely valuable. 

Zoe will be studying for her degree photography in September and has spent most of this year making sure she fully understands her camera and what it's capable of.  As well as grounding her in the key building blocks of exposure, focus and composition, we also spent a lot of time looking at the art of photographing people - using both natural light with flash (on camera and off).

Today was just a fun afternoon as she draws her time with me to an end.  It has been great seeing her progress over the months.  


Shy of pointing her camera at anyone when she first arrived, this afternoon she was as bold as anyone I've seen on the streets with a camera.   A wonderful transformation. 




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