Beer for the teacher

July 13, 2017

Definition of a happy client...  

A couple of months back, a parent brought her daughter (currently doing GCSC photography at a school here in Hampshire) to me for half a dozen private photography lessons.  She wanted her daughter to know how to properly understand her camera, which would in turn, help her with her school photography projects.


Schools often don't teach the kids how to use a camera.  Instead, they tend to teach the more ethereal side of photography, photography as art... expecting the kids to figure out how to use their cameras themselves. 

Schools are frequently under-resourced and genuinely don't have the time or man-power to properly teach the more practical elements of photography.   Many colleges are the same, rarely teaching camera skills.

At the end of the six weeks, which ended with an off-site practical (using cameras on location), her mother presented me with this box of posh beer.   It was quite unexpected and I was extremely grateful.


But the beers themselves were less important.  What warmed my heart, was that this client, this mother, genuinely valued what her daughter had learned.  


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