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May 8, 2017

Macro photography continues to grow in popularity as lenses become more affordable and photographers from all around the world post their amazing images across the internet.

 We have been considering running Macro photography lessons for several months, mainly due to the request from students.  This year we decided to invest heavily in a wide range of macro gear and finally installed our macro studio.  


Unlike our other workshops, we felt that the best way to teach this quite specialised subject was not in groups but one-on-one, or at the most in pairs.  Because of the complexity of Macro Photography, we split the subject into two separate workshops, an introduction to macro and an advanced macro.

When you start photographing things close up, all kinds of difficulties present themselves, so we'll be instructing students on shooting methods, equipment choices and post-processing techniques.  They'll also get plenty of hands-on practice too, with images they can take home with them.


Introduction To Macro Photography (course info)

The first of the two workshops is where most people will start.  It assumes students already have a good working-knowledge of their camera and understand certain photography basics such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO.   They will get to try out a range of gear and techniques, including working with cameras tethered to a computer.

This is a fabulous introduction, as it covers all the ground rules associated with macro photography and equips students with the knowledge necessary to go out and shoot macro on their own.


Advanced Macro Photography (course info)

This is where macro gets serious.  Shooting in magnifications greater than 1:1, depth of fields is measured in micro-fractions of a millimetre.  The only way to get any kind of sensible image is to take lots of photos, all focused on different parts of the subject and merge them together afterwards in post processing.  We looked at the various software alternatives out there from Photoshop upwards and students will learn how to stack images in both Photoshop and the specialised stacking software produced by Helicon.

Lighting is another key element of advanced macro and students will have access to our studio's extensive flash lighting gear, learning how to light their subjects effectively.

All in all, we are really pleased with these two new photography workshops, although perhaps calling them workshops is a little grand.  They are private photography lessons, where amateur photographers can learn under the close supervision of instructors who are passionate about macro photography.

If you think you might want to learn about shooting stunning close-up images of almost anything, check out the course details or call our office on 01252 643 143 and chat it over with us.

Instructors:  Kevin & Linda Ahronson


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