Preparing Photography Workshops

July 26, 2016

One of the joys of running photography workshops since moving to Hampshire has been the need to ensure that I have good quality up-to-date images to put into my presentations.


I get bored of my own photographs very easily and when I prepare a workshop I take great delight in shooting a whole range of new images.


So over the last week, Linda and I have made time to go out with a specific aim of getting some landscape photos.  We did a little bit of sunset shooting over the ridge of the Hog's Back (just west of Guildford), about 6 hours on Pagham beach a couple of days later, with our tripods and 10-stop neutral density filters and then, on the way back to Hampshire, we stopped off at a wheat field just as the sun was going down.   We like our sunsets.  

Although we had only planned to take a few landscape photos, the Fuji 100-400mm lens is stunning for portraits and I shot a few off of Linda before leaving.


Whilst it may seem a bit extreme, having to shoot fresh photographs for new workshops, I find it good practice to regularly familiarise myself with my techniques and equipment, some of which may not necessarily get used as often as I'd like.


The success of Hampshire School of Photography falls on my shoulders.  I constantly monitor myself to ensure that when I run a workshop or a course of training sessions, I can genuinely talk from experience.  I need to walk the walk.

Hampshire is a fabulous place to live and a beautiful place to enjoy photography.  As the first workshops begin this autumn, I want to be proud of my images.  Most of all, I want to be able to demonstrate that the landscape on our doorstep is capable of producing some of the most beautiful photographs in the UK. 

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