Photography Workshops Throughout Hampshire

July 11, 2016

So tonight we have launched!

We first thought about setting up some kind of Hampshire-wide photography training company earlier this year, and from our perspective it has taken absolutely AGES.

Every element has had to be implemented from scratch; from designing a logo to engaging an accountant; from designing workshops, to finding venues (work still in progress on that one), opening up the new bank account, designing the website and so on and so on.

Linda (below) is bringing her not inconsiderable financial skills to the business and we're currently in the process of converting our garage into my new office and training room.


Linda will have my old office.

Thank you to all the lovely people I have had the pleasure of teaching photography to since we moved to Hampshire a little over a year ago and also to those who I taught regularly in Croydon for the previous five years.  


I love teaching and to be surrounded by people who want to learn and who are as passionate about photography as I am, is a wonderful blessing.

Linda and I raise our glasses in a toast - to sharing with others... so that they can know the joy in photography that I have known for nearly 50 years.


I will of course be doing less wedding photography from 2017 onwards, limiting myself to around a dozen weddings.  So if you are reading this and need a wedding photographer, better call me quick (lol)

If you don't know me, you please view my work at  

Thank you for visiting this brand new site.

Kevin & Linda Ahronson 






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