Training Photographers - A New Dawn

June 29, 2016

As I type this this, I am excited.  


I've been teaching photography for around 6 years now and I have always enjoyed it.  I've always got a buzz from seeing someone get excited at discovering a new technique, fumbling their way through it... and finally taking a great photo.


As a profession photographer I have shot a lot of weddings, a lot of portraits, a lot of family photo sessions.  I've photographed babies, teenagers, young couples on their engagement and I've photographed company bosses in their boardrooms.  I've even shot the odd corporate video.

As much as I enjoy all those things, nothing is as thrilling as seeing someone I've taught, take photos I'm jealous of.  What a legacy; to help someone be better than you.

Hampshire School of Photography (HSP) is something I have wanted to do for ages. And here it is.  A manufacturing centre for legacies.  Cool!


This is my first blog.


I look forward to posting many more.





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