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Photographers' Event

Monday 11 November


Hampshire School of Photography was founded in 2016 by professional photographer Kevin Ahronson


Kevin has been teaching photography since 2009 and now devotes all his time to passing on his vast knowledge to others.

Hundreds of photographers come to HSP for training every year.  From complete beginners through to those wanting to turn professional

A special invitation
to the professional
photographer's evening...
  • For photographers with a passion
  • Who are serious about changing old habits that have been getting in the way of their success
  • Who want to raise their skill levels, technical competence and develop a successful, thriving, 
Kevin Ahronson, Founder of Hampshire School of Photography invite professional and aspiring professional photographer to a special evening

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So many camera owners these days want to call themselves Professional Photographers.


Over the last few years I had been amazed at how many have come to me for tuition, only to find they still shoot in auto!

Working as a pro for most of us means working long hours for relatively modest rewards. It doesn't have to be this way.   


From my experience, photographers are notorious at being bad business people.  They love the creative side, taking the photos and all the editing - but many of them really suck at all the business stuff, the marketing, the contracts, the record-keeping,  putting in systems to handle enquires and doing what it takes to bring in new customers.  So much energy is wasted doing the wrong things.

Join us on 11 November at the Village Hotel to take your first step.  We want to hear your struggles and frustrations.  Be prepared to receive some valuable advice.

Kevin Ahronson (HSP Founder)

Register below.  Only 20 places available.  We expect to fill each seat very quickly, don't delay.

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The Professional Photographer
 3 essential qualities of a professional photographer

Technical Mastery

As a professional, your customers expect you to be an expert.  The need for mastery of your camera, of light and your creative eye is non-negotiable.  


Alongside your photo-skills must be your business skills.  You cannot have one without the other.  There is a symbiotic relationship.

Community Minded

Coming together with other photographers is a humbling experience.  Realising everyone experiences the same issues.  There is strength in connectivity

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Photographers' Event

Monday 11 November




Village Hotel Farnborough

Pinehurst Rd, Farnborough GU14 7BF

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