Private Photography Mentoring   

One on One Mentoring


Undoubtedly, the best way to learn is through Photo-Mentoring; one-on-one personal tuition with Kevin at his office in Fleet or out with Kevin, taking photos on location. 

You choose the subject and after your free initial consultation, Kevin will put together a session (or series of sessions with personal photo-assignments) just for you.

Bring a Friend


If you would like to book some 1:1 mentoring with Kevin and have a friend who shares the same interest... you can save some money.

Whist the hourly rate is £60 for a single person, it is £96 for two people. If you split the cost, you only pay £48 each.


Excellent value for money. 

Photography for children


Some parents pay for their children to have private photography lessons every week or fortnight.

This is practical photography, learning to master the camera and homework is set between lessons.

Children age 15 and under pay reduced rates of £45/hour. 

  Kevin Ahronson 
Learning photography with a busy lifestyle?

Finding the time to develop your photography skills is not always that easy.  We live busy lives and many of us not only work hard during the day - but also have to look after families and run a home.  

With this in mind, I have tried to make myself available at times to suit everyone.  However, my schedule has become increasingly busy - and weekends, as well as evenings, are now in short supply.  If you are unable to make daytime weekday appointments, you should contact the office to discuss alternative options.​

We’d love to hear from you!


Got any questions about our workshops and private tuition, send us a message.  We'll get back to you as quick as we can.

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Tuesday-Friday 11:00am-17:30pm

Saturday Call for details

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