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Macro Photography

1 day workshop Thur 21st July

This one-day Macro Photography workshop will teach you the key fundamentals you’ll need to capture close-up images of flowers, insects and other small objects.

Max 4 People

Macro Photography is a unique glimpse into the world of tiny things. 

Unlocking the mysteries of spiders, butterflies and bugs and allowing you to capture that often hidden beauty in flowers, that is only visible when you zoom in super-close.

Welcome to Macro.  Look forward to seeing the world with a new set of eyes.

What you'll learn

The day will start off in the classroom, looking at the equipment and the skills needed to shoot successful macro images.

Some of the gear is straight forward, such as ensuring your have a decent tripod and a suitable lens that allows you to focus close-up.  However, as you progress you may find you’ll want to add to your equipment, to allow you to shoot with more advanced techniques.

We’ll discuss a wide range of gear options so that you can make decisions about your own investment as your interest in macro photography develops.

Shooting Indoors vs Outdoors

Macro photography indoors is relatively easy, you have full control of the light and your surroundings.

Shooting outdoors can be very different. You are at the mercy of the sun (or no sun!) and flowers move in the wind and insects won’t keep still. We’ll show you how to cope with all of this.

The Problems of Shooting Close-Up

The closer you get to a subject, the harder it gets to shoot it with a wide enough depth-of-field. In most cases it’s technically impossible to get an entire flower or insect sharp. We’ll show you how.

Focus-Stacking is an advanced technique that defeats the laws of physics allowing you to do the impossible. We will demonstrate in our studio and you can have a go too.

Which best describes you?

New to Macro?

You’re interested in shooting close-up photography, but don’t know where to start

You want to improve?

You’ve already been dabbling in a bit of macro photography, but would like to raise your game

Think Macro is too hard?

You’d like to try macro photography, but you think it’s too complicated.

Looking for a gift?

You want to buy a unique and very special gift for someone you love 

Subject areas we’ll address…

  • What size macro lens is best for me?
  • Flash vs LED lighting
  • Best shooting mode
  • The perils of long exposures
  • Getting the best definition
  • Full Fame vs Cropped Frame
  • Focus stacking software
  • When insects won’t keep still
  • Extension tubes vs close-up filters
  • Controlling the light outdoors

About the Day

The day will start off in the classroom, looking at the equipment and the skills needed to shoot successful macro images.

We’ll spend the morning making sure everyone is up to speed and fully understands macro-shooting principles.

In the afternoon we’ll go into our studio and everyone will get an opportunity to shoot macro images.

You’ll be able to tether your camera to our computer so that you can immediately see the results on a large monitor, checking for focus, composition, etc.

The Venue

The workshop is run from our training centre in Fleet

Stockton House, Stockton Avenue, Fleet GU51 4NS

Tel: 01252 643143

Stockton House is our full-time home and as well as training rooms, we also have our own studio.

This is a one day workshop running from 10am to around 4pm. We break halfway through and suggest you bring a packed lunch with you. Teas & coffees (and some pretty awesome biscuits) will be served on arrival and throughout the day.

Your instructor

The workshop is led by industry professional Kevin Ahronson, one of the UK's best photography teachers.  Bringing over 50 years of experience behind the camera and sharing his knowledge with you, Kevin is known for his sense of humour.  

So certainly be prepared to learn a lot, but also expect a few smiles along the way.

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