Introduction To Photography
1 day workshop

Saturday 1 February 2020

Saturday 25 April 2020

Sometimes all you want -is to go over the basics.   


You want to learn how to get out of AUTO and finally take control over your camera.

Learning to use a camera is a bit like learning to drive.  


At first, you have to master the pedals, the gear changes, the indicators and mirror.  There's a learning curve that everyone has to go through before they pass their test and are able to drive their car safely anywhere they want.


It's the same with photography.  It also has a learning curve and it has a similar pain barrier that everyone has to go through if they want to take that camera anywhere they want, to use it creatively and instinctively.


You drive your car without thinking about the controls... so it should be with your camera.

Whether you're photographing your kids, snapping your holidays or you're hoping to progress your photography to a more creative level, you'll still need a solid grasp of the basics. 

Which one of the following best describes you?



About the day

You'll learn how to cope with unusual lighting, how to override your camera's settings to give you perfectly exposed images and how to use ISO to give you extra help when light gets low and shutter speeds too slow.

Taking control of your camera means you'll learn how to create those lovely soft-focus backgrounds when photographing people and how to freeze fast moving action - as well as how to take stunning images of moving water so that it looks dreamy.


The workshop is led by industry professional Kevin Ahronson, one of the UK's best photography teachers.  Bringing over 40 years of experience behind the camera and sharing his knowledge with you, Kevin is known for his sense of humour.  So certainly be prepared to learn a lot, but also expect a few smiles along the way.

The Venue

The workshop is run from Stockton House in Fleet (Hampshire), a wonderful building in beautiful grounds.

The workshop is held in the delightful Edgecomb Room.  During the summer months the large glass doors open onto the terrace and we have access to the walled gardens beyond.  

We try to run this workshop four times a year.  
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Tuesday-Friday 11:00am-17:30pm

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The Photography Teacher
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